General terms of sale

The present terms of sale are concluded on one hand by the company SARL SIGA in the 100 000,00-€ share capital whose head office is situated to Serrigny-en-Bresse ( 71310 ), registered in the Register of companies of Chalon-sur-Saône under the number 488 812 298 below called(mentioned) « SIGA » and managing the site and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal entity wishing to proceed to a purchase via the web site called(mentioned) below  » the buyer « .

Article 1. Object 
The present terms of sale define the contractual relations between SARL SIGA and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the web site. The acquisition of a product through the present site involves an unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the present terms of sale with which the buyer recognizes to have red before his command. Before any transaction, the buyer declares on one hand that the purchase of products on the site is without direct relation with its professional activity and is limited to a strictly personal use and on the other hand to have the full legal capacity, allowing him to make a commitment in conformance with the present general terms of sale.

Article 2. Products 
The proposed products are the ones which appear on the site of the company SARL SIGA, while stocks last. The SARL SIGA company reserves the right to modify at any time the assortment of products. Every product is presented on the web site in the form of a description resuming its main technical characteristics . Photos are the most faithful possible but commit not at all the Seller. The sale of products presented in the site is intended for all the buyers living in the countries which authorize completely the entrance on their territory of these products.

Article 3. Price lists(rates) 
The prices(prizes) appearing on the product sheets of the internet catalog and are prices(prizes) in Euros (€) inclusive of all taxes ( TTC) taking into account the applicable VAT in the day of the command(order). Any change of the rate of the VAT can be echoed on the price(prize) of products. The SARL SIGA company reserves the right to modify its prices(prizes) at any time, being however understood that the price(prize) appearing in the catalog the day of the command(order) will be the only one applicable to the buyer. The prices(prizes) include the expenses of delivery.

Article 4. Command(order) and terms of payment 
Before any command(order), the buyer has to create an account on the site. The column(section) of creation of account is accessible(approachable) directly since the side menu bar. In every visit, the buyer, if he wishes to command(order) or to consult his account (order position, profile), will have to become identified by means of this information. The SARL SIGA company suggests to the buyer commanding(ordering) and settling(adjusting) its products in several stages, with 2 options of payment in the choice:
– Payment by bank transfer: the buyer selects the products which he wishes to command(order) in the « basket », modifies if need (quantities, references), verifies the delivery address or informs it a piece of news(short story). Then, the buyer chooses the method of payment of his choice:

« Payment by transfer ». Finally, the last stage suggests him verifying the set of the information, acquainting and accepting the present general terms of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invites him to validate its order by clicking on the button « to Confirm my order ». This last click forms the definitive conclusion of the contract. From validation, the buyer receives an order form confirming the recording of his order. To finalize his payment and activate the treatment of his order, the buyer has to contact his bank to make the transfer corresponding to the amount of his order towards the bank account of SARL SIGA, address and phone number of which are communicated to the buyer. From reception of the transfer, the command(order) will be handled(treated) and the buyer will be informed about it by e-mail. The SARL SIGA company will send products as soon as possible 2 working days after reception of the transfer corresponding with order, subject to reserves.
– Secure payment by Paypal or bank card (via the system PAYPAL): the buyer selects the products which he wishes to command(order) in the « basket », modifies if need (quantities, references), verifies the delivery address or informs it a piece of news(short story). Then, the name of the carrier is subjected(submitted) to the buyer. Then, the buyer chooses the method of payment of his choice:  » payment by Paypal  » The following stage suggests him(her) verifying all the information, acquainting and accepting the present general terms of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invites him(it) to validate its order by clicking the button  » Confirm my command(order) « . Finally, the buyer is redirected on the reassured(secured) interface PAYPAL to inform in complete safety his references of account Paypal or personal credit card. If the payment is accepted, the command(order) is registered(recorded) and the definitively trained(formed) contract. The payment by account Paypal or by bank card is irrevocable. In case of fraudulent use of this one, the buyer can require(demand) the cancellation of the credit card payment, the paid(poured) sums will be then recréditées or restored. The responsibility of the holder of a bank card is not committed(hired) if the controversial payment was proved made deceitfully, at a distance(remotely), without physical use of its card(map). To obtain the refund(repayment) of the fraudulent debit(flow) and the possible banking charges which the operation was able to engender, the carrier of the card(map) has to dispute, in writing, the taking with his(her) bank, in 70 days following the operation, even 120 days if the contract linking(binding) him(it) to this one plans him(it). The taken amounts are paid off by the bank for a maximum deadline(extension) of month after reception of the written contesting trained(formed) by the carrier. No cool of return(restoration) of the sums(naps) can be put chargeable to the holder.


The confirmation of a command(order) pulls(entails) acceptance of the present terms of sale, the gratitude(recognition) to have completed it knowledge and the renunciation to take advantage(to boast) of its own purchasing terms. All the supplied data and registered(recorded) confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction(deal). If the buyer possesses an e-mail address and if he informed her(it) about his order form, the SARL SIGA company will communicate with him(her) by e-mail the confirmation of the recording of its command(order).
If the buyer wishes to contact the SARL SIGA company, he can make him(it) or by mail at the following address: SIGA SARL, 6 gone from the castle, 71620 Montcoy; or by email at the following address: or by telephone in 33 3 85 44 48 18.

Article 5. Property reserve

The SARL SIGA company keeps(preserves) the full and whole property of products sold until the perfect collection of the price(prize), in main, fresh(cool) and the taxes included.

Article 6. Retraction 
By virtue of the article L121-20 of the Code of the consumption, the buyer has a deadline(extension) of fourteen working days as from the delivery of their command(order) to exercise his right to withdraw and so make return of the product for the seller for exchange or refund(repayment) without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return.


Article 7. Delivery 
The deliveries are made for the address indicated on the order form which can be only in the agreed geographical zone. The orders are made by post via COLISSIMO, service of delivery with follow-up, put back without signature. The delivery deadlines are given only for information purposes; if these exceed thirty days as from the order, the sale contract can be cancelled and the paid off buyer. The SARL SIGA company can supply by e-mail to the buyer the number of follow-up of its parcel. The buyer is delivered to his place of residence by his factor.

In case of absence of the buyer, he(it) will receive a calling card of his(its) factor(mailman), what allows him(her) to remove products commanded(ordered) the closest post office, during a deadline(extension) indicated by postal services. The risks bound(connected) to the transport are chargeable to the buyer as from the moment when articles leave premises of the company SIGA SARL. The buyer has to verify in the presence of the employee of The Post office or the deliverer, the state of the packaging of the goods and his contents in the delivery. In case of damage during the transport, any protest must be made with the carrier within three days as from the delivery.

Article 8. Guarantee 
All the products supplied by the company SARL SIGA benefit from the legal guarantee planned by articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil code. In case of non-compliance of a sold product, he can have returned to the company SARL SIGA which will resume(take back) him(it), will exchange him(it) or will pay off him(it). All the complaints, the demands(requests) of exchange or refund(repayment) have to be made by mail way at the following address: SIGA SARL, 6 gone from the castle, 71620 Montcoy, within thirty days after delivery.

Article 9. Responsibility 
The SARL SIGA company, in the process of remote sale, is kept only by a best effort undertaking. His(her,its) responsibility cannot be committed(hired) for a damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, break of the service(department), or other involuntary problems.

Article 10. Intellectual property 
All the elements of the site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the company SARL SIGA. Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit, or to use in any respect whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that they are in the form of photo, logo, a picture or text.

Article 11. Personal data
The SARL SIGA company makes a commitment to protect the confidentiality of the information supplied by the buyer, whom it would be brought to pass on(to transmit) for the use of certain services(departments). Any information concerning him(it) is subjected(submitted) to statutory provisions N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978. As such, the Internet user has a right of access, modification and abolition(deletion) of the information concerning him(it). He can make the demand(request) at any time by mail for the following address: SIGA SARL, 6 gone from the castle, 71620 Montcoy.

Article 12. Dispute settlement

The present remote terms of sale are subjected(submitted) to the French law. For any disputes or dispute, the competent Court will be the Commercial court of Chalon-sur-Saône, 71100.