Once upon a time, two artists had a dream…

Life is for sharing, handmade cards

In our increasingly interconnected world, we often forget the most important things of all: the bonds that we forge with other human beings. As we pass from childhood into adult life, we can neglect our grand-parents, parents and even old friends. With this in mind, two artists have put a new twist on a time-honoured way of telling someone that you’re thinking of them, of giving a gift to those we love, of making someone happy. Leur faire plaisir.

For the last 17 years, they’ve been hard at work, spreading the love!

And now it’s over to you!

Our goal is to make the recipient of your handmade cards feel like they’re the centre of the world and to give you the perfect stage on which to express your feelings.

This is why we offer only high standard stationery – greetings cards made from very high quality material including natural flowers, and top quality paper. Our product range, from birthday cards to wedding cards, feature a selection of design extras like leather gilding, fine embossing, laser cut details and much more. 

We apply this principle to every single aspect of our greeting cards. All our stationery is handmade in France. Our mission is to procure the receiver a sign of attention, a true embodiment of feelings. That is why we offer the best quality, with real flowers, swarovski crystals, best paper, etc… We are folowing this rule for each aspect of the card: it is handmade in France.